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July 8, 2004

Eat Right for Your pH


The Alkaline Power Food Plan

The Alkaline Power Food Plan is an overall, nutritionally

rich diet that is excellent for anyone. You’ll learn how to make

better dietary choices to help you feel younger, look better, and

be healthier. It’s similar to the way our ancestors ate—close

to the earth, with more whole grains and vegetables than meat.

When I meet with a patient for a nutritional makeover,

I start by determining whether they are overly acidic or a high-alkaline

producer. You see, in its natural healthy state, your body is slightly

alkaline. It must maintain that slightly alkaline state to keep

the complex systems in your body working together. If you are out

of balance and overly acidic you are more likely to be fatigued,

have headaches, digestive problems, urinary tract conditions, chronic

illnesses, colds, and flu.

In contrast, with a healthy acid/alkaline balance

you’ll notice improved physical vitality and stamina, mental clarity,

a positive outlook, and resistance to and quick recovery from illness

and injury. And, through minor changes in your diet and lifestyle,

you can bring your body chemistry into a healthier (alkaline) balance

to support a long and healthy life.

Your Nutritional Makeover

Learning whether you are acidic or alkaline is

the first step in choosing a food plan that’s right for you. The

Alkaline Power Food Plan has you working toward an alkaline state.

So, it’s important to know your body’s tendencies first in order

to choose the right combinations of foods for your unique body type.

The diet is not just for you, however. You should

encourage your entire family to follow the Alkaline Power Food Plan,

changing not just what foods everyone eats, but your family’s overall

eating habits.

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