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Checklist: Are You Overly Acidic or a High
Alkaline Producer?

Check off each phrase that describes you:

Overly Acidic
I do not feel my best when I eat
fast foods, fried foods, colas, and desserts.
I do not feel my best when I eat
red meat or red meat dishes.
I do not tolerate acidic condiments
like vinegar and lemon juice.
I regularly eat breads and baked
goods made with white flour and sugar.
I eat few fruits and vegetables.
I drink more than one cup of
coffee or tea each day.
I frequently take ascorbic acid
(Vitamin C), aspirin, or antibiotics
I don’t tolerate alcohol.
I have a history of cigarette
I frequently travel by plane.
I often feel exhausted after vigorous
exercise or very physical work.
I often experience fatigue and
lack of stamina
I run out of breath running up
stairs or walking briskly.
I am physically and mentally
tired after an hour of deskwork.
I have a tendency to be pessimistic,
with little energy to begin new projects.
I have thin, porous bones.
I have poorly developed muscles
I often experience muscle stiffness
and soreness.
I am over 50.
I catch colds or the flu frequently.
I have a history of osteoporosis,
arthritis, gout, lung disease, or kidney disease.
I am susceptible to heartburn,
canker sores, food or environmental allergies, and sore throat
High Alkaline
I am able to digest a wide variety
of foods.
I have no energy after a vegetarian
I feel bright and energized after
a steak dinner.

I am free of allergies.
I easily maintain an active social
I can sprint up stairs.
I have great physical endurance.
I am always on the go and full
of energy.
I am able to do deskwork for
long hours at a time without becoming tired or losing mental
I have an optimistic nature and
am always ready to begin something new.
I have a stocky build and a large
I am strong and large-boned.
I am in a position of leadership
at work or in the community.

I rarely get a cold or the flu.
I prefer highly active sports
and gravitate toward high-stress activities
I feel relaxed and healthy while
leading a full life.
I need only a few hours of sleep
each night.
I typically have lots of energy
in the midst of intense emotions and high drama.

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