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July 8, 2004

Eat Right for Your pH


QUIZ: Are You Overly Acidic or a High-Alkaline


Check all phrases that apply to you in each section


If you tend toward acidity, it’s likely that


Do not feel your best when you

drink alcohol, coffee or colas.

Do not feel your best when you

eat red meat or sugary desserts.

Do not tolerate vinegar, citrus

fruits, and white flour.

Feel best when you eat a more

vegetarian diet.

Often feel exhausted after vigorous

exercise or very physical work.

Often experience fatigue and lack

of stamina.

Are physically and mentally tired

after an hour of deskwork.

Are subject to frequent flus,

colds, bronchitis, or sinusitis.

Are susceptible to heartburn,

canker sores, and food or environmental allergies.

Have a history of arthritis, gout,

lung disease, or frequent bladder infections.

If you tend toward alkaline, it’s likely that


Have great physical endurance,

and can sprint up stairs easily.

Are always on the go and full

of energy.

Need a few hours of sleep each


Prefer highly active sports and

gravitate toward high stress activities.

Feel bright and energized after

a steak dinner.

Are able to digest a wide variety

of foods.

Feel de-energized after a low

protein, high carbohydrate meal.

Typically have lots of energy

in the midst of intense situations.

Are able to do deskwork for long

hours at a time without becoming tired or losing mental clarity.

Rarely get a cold or flu, and

are free of allergies.

Have a great digestive system.

Are strong, with a large frame

and big bones.

If you have more checks in the acidic area,

it is more likely you are overly acidic.

If you have more checks in

the alkaline area, you have a tendency toward alkalinity.

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