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July 8, 2004


Eat Right for

Your pH Type

Typical Alkalinizing Meals

Sample #1:
Puffed-rice cereal
Soy or other nondairy milk
Papaya slices

Sample #2:

Pancakes made with rice and soy flour, topped with maple



Peppermint tea

Sample #3:

Soft-boiled egg

Rice toast with honey

Vegetable juice

Sample #4:
Tofu scramble with onions, mushrooms

and green peppers

Soy/millet or rice bread toast

with a canola oil spread (nonhydrogenated)

Sample #1:
Lentil soup
Grilled soy cheddar cheese sandwich

on rice bread toast

Coleslaw with carrots
Non-carbonated mineral water
Sample #2:
Garden burger or other soy-based

meat substitute, lettuce and onion

Potato salad
Sample #3:
Chef’s salad with mixed greens,

tuna, kidney beans, and hard-boiled egg

Corn muffin
Sample #4:
Split-pea soup
Rice pasta
Baked yam
Steamed carrots
Sample #1:
Vegetable soup with tofu meatball
Tostada made with corn tortilla,

red kidney beans, rice, avocado, grilled Spanish onions, and


Grain-based coffee substitute
Sample #2:
Rice tabbouleh
Caesar salad with romaine lettuce
Sample #3:
Broiled tuna
Lightly steamed broccoli seasoned

with Bragg Liquid Aminos and flaxseed oil

Sample #4:
Broiled salmon
Baked potato
Steamed kale seasoned with Bragg

Liquid Aminos and olive oil

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