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October 16, 2003


Tending Towards Acidity or a High Alkaline

Producer? – continued

If you are a high alkaline producer, you are the

exception to the rule. Just 6 to 8 percent of the population tends

to be high alkaline producers. You tend to maintain excellent buffering

capability well into old age. You also tend to have excellent lung

capacity and digestive function, and large amounts of minerals in

your bones, contributing to a strong skeletal system.

You also:

Can withstand the highly acidic standard American

diet, environmental pollutants and level of physical and emotional

stress most of us are subjected to every day.

Require hard endurance exercise nearly every

day to create lactic acid and burn off energy.

Tend to gravitate to a personal and professional

lifestyle filled with excitement and even danger.

Rarely get ill, because you’re able to maintain

the necessary alkaline pH for immunity, repair, digestive function

and healthy metabolism.

Remain independent and engaged in life well

into your later years.




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