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Tending Towards Acidity

Like most of the American population, you
have a hard time bringing the high acidity of your lifestyle and
diet into balance to provide the slightly alkaline state your body
needs to reach its optimum performance. While this problem can affect
young children and young adults, it tends to become much more of
a concern once people enter their 40s and 50s, as the effects of
aging, stress, and environmental toxins accumulate.
It’s likely that you:

Tire easily and are
often fatigued
Have a hard time thinking
Have a pessimistic outlook
on life
Have digestive problems,
such as heartburn, irritable colon, and Crohn’s disease
Are subject to frequent
flu and colds
May have arthritis or

Your Best Diet
The typical American diet is composed of foods that are either highly
acidic, or that, once eaten, cause an acidic reaction within the
body. Therefore, if you are already an acidic person, it’s best
to avoid as many of these foods as possible, and try to get as many
alkaline-enhancing foods as possible. Overall you should:

Select more alkaline
Use delicious and readily available substitutions
for highly acidic foods
Plan more alkaline
Rotate foods for greater variety
Stay away from highly
acidic foods

Follow the “The
Alkaline Power Diet

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