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Food Substitutions
for Acidic Foods

Fruit drinks
Coffee and Tea
Sparkling Water
Salad dressings
Other food substitutes

There are ways you can still enjoy some of the highly acidic foods
you’re currently eating, even if you’re overly acidic.

Fruit drinks
Add sodium bicarbonate to your fruit drinks: one-half to one teaspoon
per quart. This will make the drink taste smoother and richer as
well as increase the pH. To improve digestibility, have these drinks
first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want to add
protein powder, use vegetable protein, which is less acidic than
animal protein. And don’t drink these with protein-rich meals containing
milk or meat, since they require more acid production for digestion.

Blend A Drink
If you’re overly acidic, try whipping up a remedy in the blender.
Throw in some enzyme-rich, alkaline ingredients, such as fresh
vegetables and certain fruits.
Liquefying the solid ingredients helps reduce the strain on
your pancreas and other digestive organs. These liquid meals
can help prevent fatigue, brain fog, inflammatory conditions,
autoimmune problems, and possibly even cancer.

Wine has an acidic pH, and can cause heartburn and other digestive
symptoms in overly acidic people. But if you’d still like to occasionally
sip a glass, take a sodium and potassium bicarbonate mixture (Alka
Seltzer) right after drinking an alcoholic beverage to blunt the
acidic effects. You can also use bicarbonate to help neutralize
the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover.

If You Must Drink Alcohol. . .
Then don’t drink it on an empty stomach. This overwhelms the
liver’s ability to metabolize and detoxify the alcohol. To slow
the liver’s absorption of alcohol, first eat some sort of oily
or fatty food. Say, a salad with an oil-based dressing, or smoked

Coffee and tea
If you’re overly acidic but simply must have your daily cup
of coffee or black tea, purchase acid-free versions from specialty
tea and coffee stores.

Sparkling Water
If only the bubbling varieties of mineral water are available, you
can reduce the carbonation with a pinch of table salt. This not
only makes the water go flat, but provides you with a more alkaline

Salad dressings
Substitute Bragg Liquid Aminos for vinegar when making salad dressings.
This flavoring agent can be purchased in most health foods stores.
Combine it with olive oil and herbs for a delicious dressing. Or,
prepare a salad dressing with half the vinegar, increasing the amount
of water and oil and adding extra flavoring agents.

Other food substitutes:

Instead of: Try . . .
Wheat bread Bread made with rice, millet, amaranth, quinoa,
soy and oat flours
Wheat crackers Rice- and potato-based crackers
Wheat pasta Rice, corn, quinoa, and buckwheat pasta
Wheat cookies Rice, oat, barley and millet flour cookies
Cow’s milk Soy, rice, nut and multiple grain milks made
from oats, barley, amaranth and rice
Butter Flaxseed oil, Spectrum Spread
Cheese Soy, rice and almond cheeses (Look for casein-free
Ice cream Frozen desserts made with rice or soy milk
Beef, veal, lamb, and pork Fish, shellfish, and range-fed poultry, soy-based
chicken substitutes, and occasional range-fed red meat and game
Hamburger Tofu, soy, and multigrain garden burgers
Hot dogs, breakfast sausages Tofu, soy hot dogs and sausages
Meat loaf Multigrain and legume loaves
Deep fried corn chips and potato chips Baked corn chips and potato chips
Pizza made with wheat crust Pizza made with rice flour crust and nondairy
Chocolate, cocoa Carob chips, bars, and powder
Coffee Grain-based coffee substitutes, such as Pero,
Postum, and Caffix, or ginger tea
Black tea, green tea Herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile
and rose hips
Soft drinks and fruit juices Mineral water
Refined white
Maple syrup, brown rice syrup,
barley malt, honey
Mayonnaise Safflower or canola oil-based mayonnaise
Ketchup Sugar free ketchup
Salt Garlic, fresh herbs, sea vegetables, lemon
rind, Bragg Liquid Aminos, miso
Wine De-alcoholized wine, sparkling cider, sparking
water, mineral water with a twist of lime or lemon
Margarine Olive oil, fresh fruit preserves, raw seed
and nut butters

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