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July 24, 2004


Aging Beautifully

Regaining Your Sex Drive

Lack of sex drive affects

women of all ages, but it’s an especially big problem for women

whose hormones are out of balance or who’ve gone through menopause.

And that’s a shame, not just because sex can be

so pleasurable, but because it’s so good for you. It stimulates

a natural “high” from the release of opiate-like endorphins

in your brain. It burns calories, feels good, and keeps your muscles

and tissues in shape. Studies have confirmed that an active sex

life is associated with living longer and enjoying better physical

health, with a fuller sense of personal worth, potential, and well-being.

Almost everyone I know who has gone through menopause

has mentioned that they lose their sex drive, until finally they

just don’t care about sex at all.

So how do you get your desire back? Consider the

following simple remedies:

  1. Testosterone therapy

    is the single most effective way to restore your libido. However,

    it requires a doctor’s prescription. I’ve found very low doses

    of testosterone in pill or topical cream form to be quite helpful

    for my women patients. Talk to your physician about this approach.

  2. One effective self-care treatment is DHEA.

    Sometimes called the “fountain of youth” hormone, DHEA

    is a steroid hormone from which all our other sex hormones are

    derived. By taking DHEA each night before you go to bed, you can

    restore your sex drive. It does so by converting to testosterone

    and estrogen in your body. What’s more, it’s available without

    prescription. DHEA is better absorbed when taken with food. Take

    5–15 mg as a beginning daily dosage and monitor the effect.

    You can increase the dose by 5–10 mg each day, but do not

    exceed 25 mg daily.

  3. Your vaginal tissues thin as you age, which

    can reduce sexual pleasure. However, vitamin E oil applied

    to the vagina topically has helped some of my patients build up

    vaginal tissues.

  4. You can also use an estrogen cream to

    build up your vaginal tissues. Estriol, a weaker and less toxic

    form of estrogen, is very effective and will help rebuild vaginal

    cells. It will also help restore clitoral and cervical sensitivity

    as well as orgasmic intensity, and it will reduce bladder infections.

    One-half to a full applicator delivers 1.25–2.5 mg of estrogen

    directly to vaginal tissues. Use it daily at the beginning of

    treatment, but taper off after healing has begun and you feel

    more comfortable having sex. Use the lowest possible dose to treat

    your symptoms.

  5. Take 1,000 mg daily of tyrosine, an amino

    acid that is converted in your brain to chemicals that help maintain

    sex drive. Take with carbohydrate snack along with 25–50

    mg of the vitamin B-complex daily to help your liver metabolize


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