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July 24, 2004


Aging Beautifully

Beautiful Skin: At What Price?

The aging process takes its toll on all tissues,

especially your skin. When estrogen production diminishes, collagen

also begins to thin out, as does the skin itself. A lack of estrogen

causes your skin to become drier, making wrinkles more pronounced.

There are a number of high quality skin products containing beneficial

substances such as sun block and antioxidants. However, I find some

of the medical treatments used to give women a relaxed and youthful

appearance absolutely horrifying.

Food Poisoning vs. Dead Skin

For years, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists

have been injecting women with chemicals to either “plump up”

the skin or relax the muscles around the eyes in an effort to erase

wrinkles and obliterate creases. One of the most popular chemicals

used is Botulinum toxin, or Botox. As the name implies, Botox contains

a toxin derived from the same deadly bacteria that causes Botulism

(food poisoning).

I find the idea of using a deadly toxin to treat

wrinkles very disturbing. Would you consider injecting your face

with poliovirus, another deadly organism that also causes paralysis?

Yet Botox is promoted and marketed in a way that actually makes

it sound attractive and safe to the consumer.

My fear is that, in the long run, Botox will prove

to have devastating effects on women’s health. I have seen this

happen with silicon breast implants, which were later found to cause

chronic fatigue and arthritis, and the popular diet drug fen-phen,

which damaged heart valves in many women taking it. With Botox,

I am specifically concerned about the stress it could be placing

on the immune system to have even small amounts of deadly poison

frequently injected into the face.

I was glad to see that the lead article in the

January 7, 2002 issue of Fortune magazine took a rather

critical view of the use of cosmetic treatments like Botox. The

article also made a pointed mention of a popular “plumping”

material, which is manufactured from sterilized collagen harvested

from cadavers. I’m not sure which of the two treatments I find more


My answer to the quest for vibrant, younger

looking eyes? Treat the cause not the symptoms and try these

simple eye exercises.

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