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July 24, 2004


Aging Beautifully

EFAs = Extremely Flawless Appearances

A number of my patients have also had great results

using essential fatty acids (EFAs) to create moister, softer skin

and shinier hair. The moisturizing effect of these oils has been

particularly evident in my younger patients who already have a high

moisture content in their skin, so the beneficial effects are noticed

much more quickly than with older women. For women at midlife and

older who tend to have drier skin to begin with, it takes a little

longer to replenish the moisture content. The process may take as

long as three to six months.

To ensure that you are getting enough EFAs in your

diet, eat foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, like flaxseed

oil (1–2 tablespoons per day), raw pumpkin seeds (2–3

ounces per serving) and cold-water fish, such as salmon,

trout, or halibut (3 times a week). Be sure to include monounsaturated

oils, like olive oil, in your diet. Use these oils in your salad

dressing recipes and when cooking overall to help you moisturize

your skin.

I am particularly partial to olive oil due to its

squalene content. Squalene is a powerful, natural antioxidant found

in all human tissues, with the greatest concentration in the skin.

It also has wonderful moisturizing benefits, which I first learned

about more than a decade ago when one of my colleagues in the natural

health field came to visit me. She had applied squalene as a moisturizer

and I was really impressed by how moist and beautiful her skin looked.

Squalene is available in many health food stores.

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