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I looked in the mirror this weekend and saw new lines near my eyes. “Smile lines” my friends said. Um, yea. Or wrinkles. Sigh.

I immediately started looking at ads for Botox or those fancy filler procedures where they inject synthetic spheres into your face. No and no. But I still wanted an anti aging, anti wrinkle solution.

Then I remembered some acupressure points that Dr. Lark had written about in the past.

With roots in Chinese medicine, acupressure is similar to acupuncture in that it stimulates the flow of energy to promote healing. But unlike acupuncture, acupressure uses touch rather than needles and can be done by a novice like me.

Dr. Lark recommends three specific points for enhancing beauty:

  • Facial Beauty: This point is located at the bottom of each cheekbone, directly below your pupil. It helps with sagging, poor complexion, and blemishes.
  • Heavenly Appearance: This is the indentation found directly below each ear lobe, just behind your jawbone. It helps to balance your thyroid gland, which in turn increases the luster of your skin.
  • Heavenly Pillar: This pressure point can be found about a thumb-length from the bottom of each ear lobe, and a half-inch below the base of your skull. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of swollen eyes.

Press on these points one at a time with gentle to medium pressure using the tips of your fingers for at least 15 seconds. Acupressure should be performed bilaterally, so if you treat a point on your right side first, treat the same point on your left side before moving onto the next point.

For more tips on how you can enjoy wrinkle free skin, visit Dr. Lark’s Web site.


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