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There was a great article in the most recent issue of Elle magazine. They looked at several of the top natural weight loss plans on the market and had experts comment on how each individual diet affected the skin.

They looked at the Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, raw diet, and low-fat diet. I immediately guessed that the Mediterranean would be their best natural skin care diet and I was right.

The Mediterranean diet is chock full of great essential fatty acids (keeps skin moist and helps attain a wrinkle free face), antioxidants (fights off free radical damage), and great lean proteins (maintain collagen and skin tone).

The vegan and raw diets are good in that you get lots of essential fatty acids to promote wrinkle free skin, as well as antioxidants to fend off those pesky free radicals. However, both diets run the risk of being dangerously low in protein. If you follow either of these natural weight loss programs, be sure to include lots of plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts and nut butters, and organic tofu once or twice a week.

The South Beach was next. The lack of sugars is great if acne is an issue, plus cutting sugar helps promote collagen production. The author suggests taking essential fatty acids and increasing water intake to prevent dehydrating the skin during the first two weeks of the program, when so many fruits and veggies are off the table (pardon the pun).

Low-fat weight loss plans are inherently bad for the skin by their very name…low fat. Your body needs healthy fats (i.e. essential fatty acids) to retain hydration and suppleness. If you insist on following this type of natural weight loss plan, add lots of fish to your diet and include a fish oil supplement.

Last was the Atkins diet. The author referred to this plan as “disastrous for the complexion,” due to the excess protein (causes calcium to plummet) and the acidity of the diet, which wreaks havoc with the skin. Not to mention the overabundance of saturated fat, which can lead to breakouts. Forgo this natural weight loss plan and opt instead for other, more skin-promoting programs like those listed earlier.

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