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Let’s face it, if we want to avoid a wrinkle free face, we need wrinkle free skin care…and that means sunscreen. Whether you are at the beach or pool, or just spending a few hours in the sun, if you are going to be outside at all for any length of time, you better slather on the screen.

However, if you are as leery of the chemicals in skincare as I am, finding a chemical-free yet effective sunscreen can be a challenge. So I thought I’d tell you about my two favorite: Soleo sunscreen and UV Natural.

Soleo contains a unique form of “nanofine” zinc, which gives you SPF 30+. Plus, one application provides 3-hour water-resistant protection without the use of chemical UV-absorbers or synthetic preservatives. How great is that!

UV Natural is my husband’s favorite sunscreen—natural or otherwise. One reason may be that it was created by an Australian medical doctor who also happens to be an avid surfer! Not only is UV Natural completely pure, but it works for hours on end, which means that you don’t have to reapply every 20 seconds. Plus, it’s water resistant!

It uses zinc oxide as its active ingredient, but somehow they’ve managed to keep the lotion smooth and creamy, with no annoying chalky white streaks. And it’s amazingly moisturizing, thanks to grapeseed oil and macadamia oil. They’ve even put green tea in it, which gives your skin an antioxidant boost. Easy and effective—just my style!


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