Posted on: 12.05.2023 Posted by: Drlark Comments: 0

We’re about to get into awards season and that means we’ll be glued to our televisions to see our favorite celebrities walk the red carpet. We’ll analyze everything from their outfits to their hair. But, one thing’s for sure. These celebrities will look perfect. Wrinkle free faces–no blemishes, no zits, no cellulite. Flawless. But, are those celebrities truly as perfect as they appear? Probably not.

Just look at any of the “stars without makeup” pictures posted on celebrity web sites. Or, check out this video that I saw on Facebook and watch a model go from “Plain Jane” to “Glam Sam”.

The images Hollywood puts out aren’t real. Between the excessive use of beauty care products (many of which are doing more harm than good), to the now typical practice of “re-touching” photos, we never truly see what a celebrity looks like.

As a mother of two girls, I’m more aware of this than ever. In this country there’s an intense pressure to be perfect, especially for women. Be cellulite free, thin, and look fabulous. There’s certainly a difference between being healthy and being “Hollywood perfect”. But, how do you explain that difference to a young girl?


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