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Avoid sugar, sugar is the devil, sugar makes you fat…how many times have we heard these statements? We all know that sugar is bad for us. But did you know that sugar also wreaks unbelievable havoc with your skin? Not only does it dry it out (a huge issue for women with decreased estrogen levels), but it also contributes to acne (an issue for anyone with estrogen dominance).

I can remember as if it was yesterday (okay, it was yesterday), looking in the mirror and seeing a pimple, clear as day on my forehead. What am I, 12? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I then thought back to what I had done the day before. I remembered the handful of grain-sweetened chocolate chips I had eaten. And the grocery store-brand of “energy” bar. I have also had a particularly stressful week, with lots of deadlines and personal events. The result? Acne.

Refined sugar and foods high in sugar all overstimulate your sebaceous glands and can trigger excess oil production. This excess oil production creates acne.

Additionally, refined sugar can also contribute to blood sugar imbalances, which can worsen symptoms of anxiety and stress. This in turn leads to breakouts. Plus, sugar depletes your store of B-complex vitamins, which help to balance your mood, energy, and anxiety level.

Is it any wonder I broke out?

Whether you are looking for menopause relief and softer, wrinkle free skin or are estrogen dominant and want to avoid acne breakouts, do yourself a favor and go sugar-free. Your skin will thank you.


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