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I was shocked reading Prevention magazine’s article “Your best face” story this morning. Their endorsements of Botox and hydroquinone to achieve beautiful skin are downright irresponsible, and contradicts every recommendation made by natural skin care experts, including Dr. Lark.

For women in their 40s they recommended hydroquinone to help even out skin tone. As Dr. Lark reported in her newsletter, Women’s Wellness Today, back in 2000, hydroquinone is the same substance that’s in film developing chemicals. Who wants that on their skin? And, while it may be effective at bleaching the surface of your skin, it can damage deeper layers of skin and even cause white spots.

They aAlexis - My Perfect Wrinkle Free Facelso recommended Botox injections for wrinkle free skin. Are you kidding me? Yes. I’d love to have the beautiful wrinkle free face of my little 1-year-old, Alexis, but with Botox? No thanks. Botox contains a toxin derived from the same deadly bacteria that causes Botulism (food poisoning). You want that injected into your skin?

There are so many products on the market today with natural skin care ingredients that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Squalane is one such ingredient that Dr. Lark has recommended for years for it’s anti-aging, anti-wrinkle benefits.

As General Manager of Daily Balance, I’ve received thousands of letters and emails from women who rave about how our Squalane natural beauty care products have given them wrinkle free skin. And, I can say from first-hand experience it’s one of the best natural skin care products out there.

I urge all women to pay attention to what they put on their skin. Read labels. Check ingredients. And scrutinize every promise of youthful, wrinkle free skin. You could be doing more harm than good.

To read the full, shocking story from Prevention, click here.


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