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I’m not ashamed to admit that I am addicted to natural beauty care products. I try everything new on the market, especially cleansers. It is so difficult to find a truly effective cleanser that doesn’t contain sodium laurel sulfate (a chemical that makes a product “foam”), let alone is free of parabens and other harsh and harmful chemicals.

To date, I’ve found two products that stand out above the rest: Devita Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser and Arcona’s Tea Tree cleansing bar.

I love the idea of Devita using aloe in its cleanser! Not only is it natural and gentle, but it also takes off dirt and makeup while evening out your skin tone. Plus, if you are plagued with adult acne, this cleanser can also help fend off your breakouts.

As for Arcona, I could go on and on. Everyone claims to be “Hollywood’s best–kept secret,” but Arcona is the real thing. I am partial to their Tea Tree cleansing bar, which is part of their Basic Five line (includes a cleansing bar, hydrator, protector, exfoliant, and regenerator0.

Best yet, Arcona is committed to providing chemical-free, natural, anti aging skin care. Rather than parabens or sodium laurel sulfate, their products contain natural enzymes, herbs, and vitamins that work to repair and restore your skin at the cellular level.

Two great natural beauty care products with gorgeous, natural skin care ingredients—and for the about the same price as your department store brands. What more could a woman want!


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