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Do you know if you really are post-menopausal? Or are you in early menopause? Or is that wave of heat you experienced really a menopause hot flash or just a passing flush?

Here is a wonderful checklist you can use to determine if you are in menopause, and if the symptoms you are experiencing really are menopause symptoms. The more statements you check off as being true, the more likely it is that you are, in fact, entering this stage of life.

Potential Signs of Early Menopause

  • My last period was six months ago or longer (true menopause).
  • My periods are lighter, less frequent, and of shorter duration (late perimenopause).
  • I’m in my early to mid-40s or older.
  • I’m having hot flashes.
  • Intercourse is painful.
  • My desire for sex has faded.
  • I have difficulty achieving orgasm.
  • I have frequent vaginal or bladder infections.
  • I have difficulty sleeping through the night.
  • I’m frequently tired.
  • I’m anxious and irritable.
  • I forget small details.
  • My skin is drier, thinner, and more wrinkled.
  • My muscles are losing their tone.
  • I leak urine when I laugh, cough, or sneeze.
  • I’m gaining weight.
  • My joints and/or muscles ache.
  • I have itchy, crawly skin.
  • I sometimes feel as if electric shocks were going through my body

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