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Have you ever met a woman who just radiates natural beauty? Her skin is smooth and glowing, her hair shines and is healthy, and she seems to light up every room she enters. When you see a woman like this, do you wonder—what is her secret?

I can tell you first hand that the answer is NOT the latest beauty fad. In fact, most of the “beauty” products on the market are actually bad for your skin—not to mention your health. The true secret is natural. Natural beauty radiates from the inside out.

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good. Best of all, some of my favorite natural beauty care products are actually food!

Over the next few days, I’ll share with you the top 10 beauty foods, as well as a few natural skin care recipes…some to eat and some to wear. But all will include foods you can find right in your local grocery or health food store.

Natural Beauty Food #1: Olive Oil

Olive oil is a one of my favorite natural beauty care products for two reasons: it is a great source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), as well as squalene.

EFAs help to moisturize and soften skin, as well as promote shiny, healthy hair. This is particularly important for women with estrogen deficiency (including those in premenopause or perimenopause), as dry skin is on of the more common menopause symptoms. In addition to benefiting skin and hair, EFAs have also been found to soothe and heal dry, chapped lips.

On the squalene front, this natural antioxidant found in olives also occurs naturally in all human tissues, with the greatest concentration in the skin. In fact, rumor has it that Sophia Loren uses olive oil on her skin as part of her natural anti aging skin care regimen.

In addition to using olive oil topically, you can use extra virgin olive oil in typical ways, i.e. to cook with or dress a salad. I also like to use it to top a sweet potato (also a beauty food!) or popcorn, as a delicious and beautiful alternative to butter.


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