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One of the best tips I ever learned from Dr. Lark was the concept of “false fat.” Dr. Lark explained that women gain weight for two entirely different causes—the accumulation of both fat and “false fat.”

Unlike typical “fat,” which accumulates in your body when you either consume too many calories or are unable to burn these calories efficiently, false fat is due to the accumulation of excess fluids in and around the digestive organs, which manifests as bloating and swelling in the abdominal area. This condition is due to inflammation, a process that occurs when tissue is damaged or injured.

This makes sense when you consider that all injuries, whether due to trauma (such as a punch in the arm) or allergens (such as food intolerances) are characterized by an inflammatory response. No matter where the injury occurs, the physical manifestations are the same—redness, pain, stiffness, and a reduced range of motion. Other consequences of inflammation are bloating and swelling, which excess fluid retention in our tissues.

So, when you eat a food that your digestive organs deems injurious, the result is swelling and bloating of the intestinal tract, which can cause your abdomen and midriff to swell. Therefore, one of the first steps in any successful weight loss program must include eliminating false fat. This will not only make it easier to lose excess pounds, but will improve your overall state of health.


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