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As Dr. Lark and I wrote in Hormone Revolution, women with varying hormonal types need to eat very different categories of foods. For example, a woman with menopause symptoms or someone looking for menopause relief (an estrogen deficient-fast processor) would want to steer toward foods with a higher pH and avoid foods that are spicy or acidic.

Conversely, a woman who is in early menopause or premenopause and may be experiencing perimenopause symptoms (estrogen dominant or an estrogen deficient-slow processor) would aim for the exact opposite. She would want to choose foods that are more acidic, spicier, and those high in fiber.

An easy way to work beneficial foods into your specific hormonal program is to start with profile-appropriate spices. Here are three spices that are perfect for each hormonal type and a variety of ways to incorporate those spices into your diet.

Spices to Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Basil: Use basil in your scrambled eggs in the morning, mixed into a salad at lunch or dinner, or layered with eggplant and goat cheese as a delicious side dish.

Peppermint: Mint adds a surprising flavor to quinoa. Mix with dried apples and serve warm. Also makes a perfect after dinner tea.

Herbes de Provence:  This delightful blend of rosemary, basil, marjoram, bay leaf, thyme, and lavender is the perfect mixture for topping chicken or fish. I also like to add it to pureed cauliflower for a quick and easy side dish. If you are really adventurous, try it over a roasted pear for a savory dessert. Yum!

Spices for Estrogen Dominance and Premenopause/Early Menopause

Ginger: Mix ginger into your wheat-free pancake batter for a little kick in the morning. Top with saut?ed apples and you are set for the day. Another easy trick is to add saut? shallots and sliced ginger in a little olive oil and serve over chicken.

Turmeric (curry): One of my husband’s favorite sauces is made with two teaspoons of curry paste, a 14-ounce can of coconut milk, ? a cup of chopped onions and one tablespoon of tamari sauce. Bring to a boil and serve over any mild white fish.

Cinnamon: You can go wild with cinnamon at any meal. Add to oatmeal or a smoothie in the morning. Mix with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for an easy salad dressing. Mix into quinoa or rice and dried fruit for an easy side dish. Or sprinkle on an apple, pear, or even berries for an easy, yet delicious dessert.


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