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Beating any addiction can be difficult, and sugar is no different. And, like all addiction, you first overcoming food addictionneed to admit the problem.

Next, you have to break the physical hold of the addiction. I have found that the best way to do this is to go cold-turkey. This means no candy, bakery items, sugary coffee drinks, etc. Nada. Nothing.

This will take about five days to completely break. In that time, lean on fruits when you need a sweet treat, and drink lots and lots of water and herbal tea to help flush the sugar out of your system.

You can also try using to of the nutrients Dr. Lark recommends for controlling your appetite and reducing cravings. These include 5-HTP and chromium.

5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter in your brain that influences mood and diminishes hunger. Take 50 mg of 5-HTP twice per day. Take it with half of an apple and 50–100 mg of vitamin B6 to facilitate uptake into the brain. 

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is necessary for controlling blood sugar and helping to reduce food cravings. Aim for 400 mcg of chromium picolinate per day.

Once you’ve broken the physical hold, you’ll need to address the emotional reasons that lead to the addiction in the first place. This may include:?

  • Seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders and/or addiction;?
  • Checking out Overeaters’ Anonymous, a 12-step program based on Alcoholics Anonymous;?
  • Journaling; or?
  • Confiding in friends and/or family.

Once you address the physical and emotional ties of sugar, you CAN break the hold of this addiction.

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