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When watching your weight, it helps to prepare with a grocery list of natural weightloss staples.

The best way to ensure you can adhere to any natural weight loss plan is to make sure you always have a few staples on hand. It will help you ward off binges and help with appetite control.

•    A variety of dried herbs
•    A salt-free herb blend such as Spike or Mrs. Dash
•    Brown rice
•    Raw almonds
•    Raw walnuts
•    Soy or almond milk
•    Almond butter
•    Herbal or green tea
•    Mineral water
•    Liquid stevia (flavored if you like)
•    Pure maple syrup
•    Honey
•    Xylitol and/or erythritol
•    Olive oil
•    Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
•    Bagged organic lettuce
•    Fresh fruits and vegetables (that fit your hormonal profile)
•    Soy or goat yogurt
•    Flaxseed

I’ve also found that the easiest way to make sure you have these staples on hand, as well as any other items you may need, is to organize your shopping trips. Before you head to the grocery store, plan out your meals for the next week, check your supply of the essentials I mentioned above, and make a list of needed ingredients to be sure you pick up everything you need.


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