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I was recently pulling nutritional information regarding fast food restaurants for another project. While I was intrigued to see that there are, in fact, several items that you can find at several different fast food restaurants, I was mortified by the number of calories, fat grams, and sugar in the majority of the choices available on their menus.

Of course, this shouldn’t be all THAT shocking…I mean, we ARE talking fast food. However, what appalled me the most was the kids menu for Burger King. With the exception of the BK Fresh Apple Fries, everything for kids contained wheat and red meat and/or dairy.

That aside, the most offensive thing was a double cheeseburger…on the KIDS menu?¬†What child needs to eat a double cheeseburger?

And when you break down the nutritional information, the numbers are shocking! It contains 770 calories; 51 grams fat; 2.5 grams trans fat; 1,480 grams sodium; and 30 grams carbs. An adult would do well to avoid these numbers, let alone a growing child.

No wonder we have an obesity problem in this country. If we are feeding this type of food to our children, what are we feeding ourselves?

If you are looking for natural remedies for weight loss, you would do well to start with smart choices. If you must rely on fast food for some of your or your families meals, then go in prepared. If possible, choose Starbucks or Subway…those are your best bets with the greatest variety of choices to support natural weightloss.

If McDonalds or Burger King are more realistic options for you, then order salads and apple slices for dessert. Choose water over juice or soda. These types of meals will fit into any natural weight loss plan.

The key here is to instill healthy food choices in your children by leading by example. Let them know fast food is okay on occasion and help them choose those foods that are good for them…and their waistline.


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