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Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, which has mildly estrogenic properties. In fact, wheat germ contains the fatty acids and other nutrients that your body needs to support and produce hormones such as estrogen.

This is key for wrinkle free skin, as estrogen is responsible for the deposits of fat under the skin that give rise to the soft and fine-textured skin that many women enjoy when they are young. Estrogen also causes fluid and salt retention in the tissues, which helps plump up and fill out skin, giving you the best natural skin care Mother Nature has to offer.

You can use wheat germ much like flax, by sprinkling it on yogurt or oatmeal or adding to a smoothie. Additionally, you can reap the same natural anti aging skin care benefits from wheat germ oil. Again, you can add to smoothies or even take in supplement form. Dr. Lark recommends taking 2,000–2,400 mg in capsule form a day, in divided doses.


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