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I got engaged today…Valentine’s Day. I love that I share my special day with so many others love lessonswho are also celebrating the amazing power of love.

Love has tremendous healing power. It is an emotion you should strive to feel within yourself and express to those around you as often as possible. There is no other emotion that is more immensely self-nurturing and self-healing.

Today, as you take the time to express your love to those around you, don’t forget to include yourself. Tell yourself how much you love YOU, how much you appreciate yourself, and how loving and lovable YOU are.

And use this day to remind yourself to follow your heart in everything you do. It is important to make all of your choices out of love, kindness, and joy.

These heartfelt emotions are just as important in making decisions about your life as the logical arguments and rationalizations generated by your mind. It is the love that is centered in your heart that responds to the deepest yearnings of your soul—enabling you to create a happy and meaningful life.

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