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It’s Christmas Eve and you are face-to-face with all the wrong foods. Your appetite control and Be Prepared for Holiday Temptations with Peppermintwillpower have just walked out the door and that plate of cookies seems to be calling your name. What do you do?

Grab peppermint gum or drink a hot cup of peppermint tea. Not only will you still be in the holiday spirit, but peppermint is an aromatherapy lifesaver that can rescue you from cravings.

For really serious situation, you may want to load up on Binge Buster, a mint and chocolate flavored oral spray that contains green tea and Hoodia gordonii. It starts working immediately to suppress appetite. Plus, it alters the taste of sweets long enough to break your cravings. This is a great anti-bingeing tool to carry in your purse to all of your New Year’s parties!

For more tips on avoiding holiday weight gain and sticking to your natural weight loss plan, visit Dr. Lark’s Web site.


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