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As I get older, it seems like my daily program for natural anti aging skin care gets longer and longer. Years ago, I could wash my face, swipe on some sunscreen, and I was good to go. Now, I need to moisturize, de-wrinkle, and find ways to reduce cellulite.

As far as the latter is concerned, there are many natural beauty care products and recommendations out there, several of which I’ve discussed in previous blogs. But one that I haven’t discusses is the use of dry-brush massage to reduce cellulite by facilitating detoxification. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps move fluids through the body and toxins to the liver to be detoxed and eliminated.

Dry Brush to Reduce Cellulite

To give yourself a dry-brush massage, use a moderately soft, natural vegetable-fiber bristle brush and follow this two-step process:

  1. Rub your skin vigorously to stimulate it and remove dead cells.
  2. Using short, brisk strokes, start with your extremities and brush gently at first because your body is likely to be sensitive. Brush as follows:
    • From your feet, brush toward your pelvis;
    • From your wrists, brush to your armpits;
    • From your chin brush to your navel.

You can add sea salt to the brush if you want to open your pores further to intensify the cleansing effect of the massage. The entire procedure should take about 10 minutes, and you should do it a couple times a week to reduce cellulite or keep your body cellulite free. 


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