Posted on: 12.05.2023 Posted by: Drlark Comments: 0

I recently received an email from a customer desperate to get her hands on our Squalane Ultra-Hydrating Night Cream. She had received a bottle earlier this year and had found it to be one of the best natural skin care products she had ever tried. Her email described the Night Cream as a “perfect moisturizer” during the warm months of the year and “fabulous” for skin during the harsh winter months. Unfortunately, we had stopped selling this product a few months ago. I was able to get my hands on a couple of bottles that had been sitting in our office and mailed them out to her yesterday.

At Daily Balance we bring our customers a number of natural beauty care products. And for a variety of reasons, some of these products are discontinued. But, if there’s ever a time that we stop selling something you love, please let me know. I can always try to find a bottle or two for you, or at least recommend a similar product.

Happy Holidays!


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