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According to Dr. Lark, there are a number of spicy foods that can actually rob your skin of moisture. Interestingly, many of these foods also increase menopause problems such as hot flashes and night sweats, so there are many benefits to striking these foods and spices from your menu.

On the food front, you’ll want to take a pass on caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar. Sugar in particular has vasoconstrictive effects, which causes decreased circulation to the skin. This is a no-no for anyone looking for wrinkle free skin care.

On the spice front, ginger and hot spices like chili peppers and cayenne pepper are particularly drying. Opt instead for soothing spices like basil, mint, or my favorite, herbes de province.

By removing these problematic foods and spices from your diet and adding in the essential fatty acids I discussed earlier this week, you can employ natural anti aging skin care tips that not only taste great, but give you beautiful, soft skin.


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