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Nutrient #4 for Natural Weightloss: L-carnitine

L-carnitine is an amino acid found primarily in meat (especially beef and lamb) and dairy products, with smaller amounts also present in grains, fruits, and vegetables. The body also producesL-carnitine and stores it primarily in the heart and skeletal muscles. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of L-carnitine, and most women do not consume enough in their diet to make up the difference.

The primary role of L-carnitine is to shuttle fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are essential for the production of ATP, your most readily available form of energy. Low levels of L-carnitine can lead to poor energy and excess fatty acids in the blood, thereby increasing harmful blood lipid levels.

Several studies have been conducted on L-carnitine and weight loss. One study in particular found that individuals who took supplemental L-carnitine every day, in addition to eating a well-balanced diet and engaging in moderate exercise, lost an average of ten pounds in three months–a 25 percent greater weight reduction than patients who did not take L-carnitine. 

I recommend taking 1,000 mg of L-carnitine per day, in divided doses.


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