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Here we are, February 2nd. How’s your new year’s resolution going? Are you still on track? If not, the problem may be emotional as well as physical.

In our book Hormone Revolution, Dr. Lark and I discuss chakras (Sanskrit for wheel), specialized energy centers located at seven different points throughout your body. Many centuries ago, the yogic tradition of ancient India described the presence of these specialized spiritual-energy centers in the body. They called the centers prana, and believed that the flow of this subtle energy through them was strongly affected by your personality structure and your emotions, as well as by your state of spiritual development.

Interestingly, all seven chakras are individually linked to neurological synapses (ganglia), small nerve bundles that operate like little brain centers. Each chakra processes and remembers different emotional events and traumas that have occurred to you throughout your life. In fact, you can even store specific types of emotional memories in these centers.

This might explain why different types of emotional distress seem to affect one part of the body more than another. Often, when you have trouble dealing with the emotions and feelings associated with a particular chakra, the resulting constriction of energy flowing into the gland or body part also connected with that chakra can become bloated, swollen, and enlarged.

For many women, this can manifest as “problem areas” where excess weight tends to accumulate—parts of the body that are resistant to losing weight, even with the most stringent natural weight loss plan. In fact, sometimes women lose weight in every place but these areas.


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