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Natural Weightloss Food #2: Almonds

The oil in almonds contains phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring, feel-good brain chemical that works as a natural metabolism booster. Phenylethylamine works similarly to amphetamines by revving up your metabolism (without any of the anxiety, shakiness, and other negative side effects of the drug).

Phenylethylamine is also thought to play a role in improving your mood and energy, both of which are important in controlling your eating by providing the motivation you need to become more physically active.

To make almonds part of your natural weight loss plan, add slivered almonds to oatmeal, coconut-based yogurt, or sprinkle over a salad. You can also add almond butter to celery or apple slices for a great natural health weight loss option. And check back next week for my next three natural weightloss foods.


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