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I’m not going to lie…breaking any addiction is really difficult, and giving up caffeine is no different. There are so many options, including going cold turkey, weaning off, and using substitutions. I personally opted for going cold turkey.

I knew that I would experience headaches, fatigue, and possibly even depression or anxiety. I account for this, I decided to quit on a Friday. That gave me a good three days to deal with the withdrawal and not have to worry about it affecting me at work.

The headaches came within a couple of hours, but I took a few aspirin and just rode it out. The next morning, I did use a substitution…Teeccino. This wonderful blend of healthy herbs, fruits, nuts, and grains from the Mediterranean region tastes as good as the fresh brewed coffee you buy at specialty shops, but it’s much better for you. Each ingredient is individually roasted and ground, then blended to create grounds that can be brewed right in your coffee maker. This definitely helped! I was able to have the smells and ritual of making coffee, but without the caffeine.

I also became a huge fan of tea. I allowed (and still allow) myself green tea, but swore off black. And herbal teas became a new, healthy addiction! My two favorite brands are Luxe Tea and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.

If you don’t want to go cold turkey yourself, Dr. Lark suggests slowly decreasing your caffeine intake by starting off by cutting your consumption in half for a few days. For example, if you drink four cups of coffee or soda a day, try going down to two cups. Once you can comfortably maintain this level, reduce your intake by half again (from two to one). In no time, you should be able to eliminate that final cup and start enjoying better hormone balance.


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