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#4 Natural Skin Care Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

Every woman experiences the occasional blemish. Yes, it is frustrating to deal with problems that you thought you let go of when you exited your teen years…but fortunately, you don’t have to use a teen product to deal with acne. The best natural skin care you can use to treat acne is tea tree oil, which you can find at health food stores.

The antiseptic properties of teat tree oil have been used for centuries to clean and treat wounds. Even the early settlers of Australia and metal workers during the Second World War used this camphorous-smelling essential oil to treat cuts and insect bites.

After washing the affected area, place one drop of Australian tea tree oil directly on blemishes. Read the product label carefully to be sure the oil contains 50 to 60 percent terpenes (preferably terpin-4-ol) and no more than 15 percent cineole.


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