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#3 Natural Skin Care Ingredient: Aloe vera

Aloe vera is more than just your common houseplant! It is also a gentle, effective anti-inflammatory, as well as a skin regenerator. I often recommend using facial cleansers that contain aloe if you have acne, eczema, or another condition that causes sensitive skin.

In addition, aloe can:
• reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain;
• keep exposed tissue moist;
• combat skin pathogens as effectively as the antibacterial preparation used on burns and skin ulcers at most hospitals, silver sulfadiazine;
• promote wound closure; and
• stimulate skin repair and regeneration.

And studies have shown that Aloe vera reduces the scaliness, itchiness, and extent of seborrheic dermatitis; prompts the remission of psoriasis; relieves poison ivy; assists the healing of chronic leg ulcers; and speeds healing after dermabrasion, a technique used to remove acne scars and create wrinkle free skin.


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