Posted on: 12.05.2023 Posted by: Drlark Comments: 0

As General Manager of Daily Balance I get to receive lots of customer feedback regarding our products. This is great because it gives me a sense how our products are received in the marketplace.

In the last year we’ve introduced a number of exciting formulas–both supplements and beauty products. Trilane, our olive-based squalane formula, has been especially well received for its wrinkle reducing and firming benefits.

We’ve also introduced a couple of natural remedies for weight loss that have been flying off the shelves. Daily Balance Silhouette helps reduce ‘false fat’ (water retention and bloating), while TonaLean tackles true body fat and can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days. Both formulas would be a great addition to anyone looking for a natural weight loss plan.

If you’re taking one of our supplements, or using one of our beauty products, I want to hear from you! What do you love? Is something not meeting your expectations?

Also, we’re always looking for new solutions and natural beauty product to offer our customers. Have a great product to reduce cellulite? Is there a cleanser that you can’t live without? Let me know about it! I’d love to hear from you.


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