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When your chakras are out of balance, the areas that are most commonly affected seem to be the upper abdominal or solar plexus region, the lower abdominal and pelvic area, hips, thighs, chin, breasts, and upper chest. These are often the areas of your body where you tend to accumulate excessive amounts of energy or focus your emotions and life experiences too strongly.

If you tend to gain weight in your hips and/or thighs, your first chakra is being affected. That is associated with stability and security.

If you tend to gain weight in your belly, below your belly button, your second chakra is being affected. That is associated with sexuality and creativity.

If you gain weight in your abdominal area above your belly button, that is your third chakra. That is closely associated with self-esteem.

If you gain weight in your breasts, that is your fourth chakra and it is associated with love and nurturing. Finally, if you gain weight in your face (think double chin), you are talking about the fifth chakra. That is associated with self-expression.

This always rings true for me. I know when I need to start a natural weight loss plan when I notice that my pants are fitting a little too snugly and my face is looking full. And, more often than not, I am also dealing with issues of stifled creativity and self-expression.

Think about those areas that you tend to hold weight and ask yourself if you are experiencing any of the emotions tied to that chakra. You can then take steps not only to implement a few natural remedies for weight loss, but also some tools to address the emotional issues you are experiencing.


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