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Time and again, Dr. Lark has recommended that women of all
hormone types limit, if not avoid, wheat and wheat-based products. I personally
subscribed to this advice several years ago and I can tell you first-hand that
I believe it has played a large role in balancing my hormones.

Wheat is one of the two most common food allergens, and the
gluten found in wheat can trigger a very serious condition known as celiac
disease. Those afflicted with the disorder are plagued by diarrhea, gas,
vomiting, and anemia, and are at higher risk for more serious conditions,
including osteoporosis and gastrointestinal cancer.

Clearly celiac is the very extreme of wheat-related
issues, but if you are concerned about your hormonal health, you would be wise
to steer clear of wheat. Women suffering from menopause symptoms are often at
risk for wheat-related mood shifts, due in part to their growing inability to
produce enough enzymes that are needed to digest wheat pr


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