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Many women call them “their own personal summer”—and for good reason. Menopause hot flashes—sudden, intense episodes of warmth and heat—are one of the most uncomfortable symptoms that menopausal women complain about. While the frequency, intensity, and duration of hot flashes vary greatly, they usually involve sweating—mild in some women and profuse in others. These episodes are the result of increased blood flow to the brain and other organs.

Menopause hot flashes are physically draining since the body loses fluids and minerals in the process of perspiring. When they take the form of night sweats, hot flashes may disrupt sleep, soak sheets, and leave a woman exhausted and cranky. If they occur at work or during a social function, they can be embarrassing.

There are several natural remedies for menopause hot flashes, including: 

• 80–160 mg of a standardized extract of black cohosh twice a day. This dose should contain 2 to 4 mg of the active components (triterpenes, calculated as 27-deoxyacteine);
• 400–1,000 IU vitamin E; and
• 50–100 mg of soy isoflavones daily.

These nutrients are available in most health food stores, nutrition centers, and some pharmacies.


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