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#4 Recommendation for a Wrinkle Free Face: Olive pulp extract

I am a big fan of olive oil, not only for its health benefits, but for its beauty benefits as well. But did you know that olives only contain 15 to 20 percent oil? More than 50 percent of an olive is juice…and that juice is a very rich source of polyphenols–amazing antioxidant compounds.

Olive pulp extract is particularly rich in the polyphenol called hydroxytyrosol. Research on people given oral doses of olive pulp extract showed that the antioxidant capacity of their blood plasma increased as the dose increased. And, in animal studies,olive pulp extract has been shown to help prevent UV damage to the skin and help keep skin in its normal, healthy state. I recommend 100 mg of olive pulp extract daily.

One brand you can try is Olivenol from Life’s Vigor.


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