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I love green tea. It is one of the best natural remedies for weight loss, and it’s a great natural anti aging skin care gem, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants that help prevent ultraviolet light-induced inflammation, dryness, and damage to your skin.

And now, green tea’s benefits extend to your ovarian health. A recent Australian study of nearly 3,000 women has confirmed that drinking tea reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer. And, based on the cancer-fighting compounds in green vs. black tea, investigators estimate that one cup or more of green tea per day reduces that risk by 40 percent. 

It is important not to use water that’s too hot when brewing green tea. Boiling water not only accentuates tea bitterness, it destroys the protective catechins in the tea. For the best green tea, both for good taste and good health, pour the boiling water into your cup or tea pot and let the vessel absorb the heat until the water is no hotter than 185? F. Then, add the tea leaves, brew for two minutes, and enjoy—with gratitude for the protection the tea gives to your ovaries, and the benefits it provides in your natural weightloss efforts and anti-agin skin care regimen!

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