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In addition to the nutrients I talked about earlier this week, studies have found that good old-fashioned exercise can really lift your libido. Unfortunately, loss of sex drive is one of those effects of menopause that many women experience. Here’s how exercise can help relieve this menopause symptom:  

A recent study of 336 healthy, middle-age women found that those who engaged in regular physical activity not only felt better physically, but also had significantly fewer menopause symptoms than the women who were less physically active. In fact, more than half of the highly active women had no menopause symptoms at all.

An even larger study of healthy women in the same general age group found that the greater the level of regular physical activity, the better their sexual functioning, including libido, pleasure, and orgasm.

Taken together, all of these studies show that to boost your overall health physically, metabolically, emotionally, and sexually, the very best thing you can do is to increase your level of physical activity. My favorite form of exercise for weight loss and toning is walking. And yoga is excellent for toning and mental balance. But do whatever form of exercise keeps you motivated and stimulated, whether it’s tennis, dancing, golfing, cycling, etc.


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