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If you have found that natural hormone replacement therapy isn’t strong enough to relieve your menopause symptoms, an herb called maca is a perfect option. By some estimates I’ve read about in research studies, approximately 80 percent of menopausal women find menopause relief with maca. 

Maca is most commonly used in traditional medicine to increase libido, promote fertility, and balance hormone levels. An added bonus is that it increases vaginal lubrication, which obviously can improve sexual activity and satisfaction. Because it increases energy, it helps create more vigor for sexual activity, which is why Peruvians have used it for centuries to increase sexual desire.

Dosages are unique to each woman, so you will need to determine the dosage that works for you. You can take it indefinitely—there have been no acute toxic effects, even at very high doses. If you are sensitive to herbs, start with the low end of the recommended dosage, as too much can cause increased menopause hot flashes, breast tenderness, or headaches. Also avoid maca if you have a hormone-related cancer, liver disease, or are pregnant or nursing.

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