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Acupressure is a great way to get relief from menopause symptoms and menstrual complaints. This week and next, I am going to give you new acupressure exercises to try.

The first one, below, balances the energy of the entire reproductive tract. It is also helpful for the control of excessive menstrual bleeding and menopause hot flashes.

Note: This exercise uses a knotted hand towel to put pressure on hard-to-reach areas of the back.

1. Lie on the floor with your knees up. Place the towel between your shoulder blades.
2. Cross your arms on your chest. Press your thumbs against the right and left inside arms. Hold for one to three minutes.
3. Interlace your fingers. Place them below your breasts and press your fingertips directly against your body. Hold for one to three minutes.
4. Move the knotted towel along your spine to your waistline. Place your left hand at the top of your pubic bone and press down. Hold for one to three minutes.

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