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For my patients whose menopause symptoms do not respond to the various herbs and nutrients I recommend, I have frequently prescribed natural hormone replacement therapy using estriol and natural progesterone. 

Estriol (2–4 mg daily) is prescribed in capsule or cream form to reduce menopause hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. Estriol is the weakest and safest type of estrogen and is less likely to promote tissue growth. Unlike conventional estrogen replacement therapy (replacement therapy using estrogen alone) that may cause fluid retention, headaches, nausea, and the buildup of uterine tissue, estriol has few, if any, side effects. You’ll need a prescription and then you or your doctor can contact the Women’s International Pharmacy ( to fill the prescription. If used directly on vaginal tissues, not only will estriol cream rebuild vaginal cells, it can also help restore clitoral sensitivity and orgasmic intensity, and reduce bladder infections.


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