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My editor, who lives in Tampa, forwarded me a column that appeared in her local newspaper about one woman’s account dealing with menopause hot flashes. While this woman’s story was obviously meant to be rather light-hearted and humorous (at least to the reader!), I also have a great deal of empathy for her. I have worked with countless patients who have suffered from menopause hot flashes and night sweats that were not just annoying, but downright debilitating–just like this writer’s.

Fortunately, in about half of menopausal women, hot flashes disappear within a year.  If you suffer from menopause hot flashes, remember, there are effective natural solutions–including supplements and even acupressure–that can provide real relief. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is also an excellent option for some women–but be sure to talk to your doctor about this, since you’ll need a prescription for it.

I encourage you to try these therapies out and find a an effective combination that works for you. 


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