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Last month I wrote about how hormonal imbalances really go beyond the hot flashes and night sweats, and can affect women of all ages. I shared my personal story of dealing with horrible headaches and fatigue on the first day of menstruation.

My goal this month was to eliminate my symptoms by following Dr. Lark’s recommendations in her PMS Self Help Book. I was to eliminate alcohol, tropical fruits, chocolate, and sugar. How well did I do?

Tropical fruits – check!
Alcohol – check!
Chocolate & sugar – not so great. It’s kind of hard to avoid these things when your husband brings home a large chocolate cake for your birthday. But, I did do my best to avoid chocolate & sugar once the cake was gone.

The outcome? I felt pretty good this month. I did have a dull headache, but nothing like the killer ones I’ve experienced in the past. I was a little tired, but that could have been do to the fact that my 1-year-old was up a couple times the night before.

This month I’ll try to curb the chocolate & sugar more and see how I feel. With no birthday to celebrate it should be a lot easier.

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