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I follow an exercise program for estrogen deficient–fast processors (click here to see my previous blog entry that describes what this is Even though my hormones are healthy and well-balanced, I fall more into this category than any other because I am a petite and slender woman, and I have a fast-paced day-to-day life. To help maintain my hormonal balance, I slow down by following an exercise program that calms me.

Estrogen deficient–fast processors don’t want to heat up their bodies and sweat. It is more important to engage in slower, more expansive and relaxing aerobic activities that are moderately strenuous and can be done in a relaxed and leisurely way. For this reason, the best activities for women in this category include golf, gardening, swimming, and moderately-paced walking and bicycling. You can also try ballroom dancing—in particular, slower dances like the waltz.

In terms of stretching, the best types for this hormonal category include tai chi and hatha yoga, which are slower and more meditative. With these slower-paced exercises, you will tend to breathe more deeply and slowly. Moderate aerobic exercise relaxes, dilates, and expands the network of blood vessels in your body, and enables your heart to work more efficiently. Better circulation and oxygenation, in turn, improve the health of all of your organs, including your ovaries and uterus.

Personally, I am an avid walker. I walk almost every day at a moderate pace, breathing slowly and deeply to maximize the alkalinizing benefits. Walking keeps me limber and has helped me to maintain almost the same weight as when I was in medical school! And another benefit to this and all exercise is the reduction of menopause symptoms like menopause hot flashes and night sweats!


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