Posted on: 12.05.2023 Posted by: Drlark Comments: 0

I’ve been following my natural weight loss plan for about 6 months now. And, I’ve been lucky in that I’ve lost weight each week. Some weeks it was a couple pounds or more. Others, it was just a half pound. But, at least the scale was going down… until this past week. For the first time since I started this journey, I gained weight. It wasn’t a lot. A pound exactly. But, I was still disappointed in myself. I know I had overindulged and hadn’t picked up my exercise to compensate for the extra calories. All natural weightloss efforts come with highs and lows. I’ve been riding the highs for months now. And now, I have to deal with a low.

So many weight loss efforts get derailed by disappointment. I’m determined not to let this happen to me. I┬áhave to keep my eyes on the prize: a wedding ring that will fit on my finger, a picture with my girls that I’m not ashamed of, (and cellulite free thighs wouldn’t be so bad either). I’m motivated to move on and start losing again!


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